Training Events

Current Certified Peer Specialist Employment Training events:

To apply and be considered for a Certified Peer Specialist training please read and follow the application Guidelines listed below our training events.

Certified Peer Specialist Training Schedule 2018

Please note—All training events are limited to 20 trainees. All potential trainees must fully complete the online application and send necessary attachments/follow application process requirements (Directly below training event schedule), to be considered for a potential spot in the training events. To increase the potential of applicant getting into his/her preferred training location and/or event, applicant should identify his/her choice on the online application.

More specific information for each training event, such as building location and facilitator  will be posted closer to its date. Each training event is two weeks (Monday through Friday only), 40 hours per week, and typically follows an 8:00-4:30 schedule. Individual training facilitators may adjust start/end time prior/during training even


-The Mankato MN training is cancelled due to lack of applicants.

-There will be a training in Fergus Falls MN, location still to be determined. The training will run from May 7th-18th 2018.  Applications for this training will close 2 weeks prior to the event on April 23rd 2018 there are still more openings in this trainin

-There will be a training in Brainerd MN, location still to be determined. The training will run from July 9th-20th 2018.  Applications for this training will close 2 weeks prior to the event on June 25th 2018

Continuing Education Events:  (Certified Peer Specialists need to maintain 15 CEU’s per year to stay current with certification) To find these opportunities go to the Educational Resources section. 

If you know of upcoming CEU trainings for Certified Peer Specialists in Minnesota please email them to thank you



Peers: Link to HOPE Initiative

1.  Complete and submit Peers: Link to HOPE Initiative Application

(You can complete and submit an application online, through email, or USPS)

To request a paper application, contact Nicole Nickolauson at:

218-999-4012 or email

2.  Submit 2 letters of recommendation from anyone who knows you and your RECOVERY that is Not related to you.


 You may submit the letters to:

 fax: 218-999-4041 Attn: Judy Benham

OR USPS to              Peers: Link to HOPE Initiative

                                               3130 SE 2nd Ave.  Grand Rapids MN, 55744


(Deadlines are 2 weeks before a training)

(Special consideration for any late paperwork Must be submitted in writing and MUST BE APPROVED by Program Director Amanda Okech- There will be no exceptions.)

3.  Complete a phone interview with Peers: Link to HOPE Initiative Team Member(s)

(Once all above steps have been completed you will be notified at that time if you have been accepted or denied for that training).